Setup & Test Your ZOOM Conferencing

  • ZOOM is a very simple but powerful Multi-User Video Conferencing program.
  • We use ZOOM to do all our GROUP coaching.
  • ZOOM is FREE and easy to use and requires no signup or login.
  • The first time you use ZOOM it downloads the app for that device.
  • Click the meeting link and it will simply open the app and connect to the meeting.
  • Install ZOOM on ALL your devices – PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, iOS, Android.
  • Test your mic/speakers/headset/camera BEFORE you arrive. You should only need to do this once per device.
  • Click the JOIN link (SupaZoom.com) a few minutes/moments prior to the meeting time.
  • Ensure you enter your FULL NAME so you can be properly identified.
  • If I am not in the room it will say “Waiting for Host” until I arrive.
  • Got a problem and need help? Go to ZOOM Support.