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The CrypClix Marketing System

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One of the biggest problems for a new business startup is getting the message out to the world and finding the early adopters to fire up your business.

Some of the big questions that need answering are:

  • How can I get my message out to the biggest market in the shortest time?
  • How do I find the hot prospects and convert them into customers and affiliates?
  • Who has watched the video or read the information?

CrypClix is a special custom version of the SupaClix Instant Funnel marketing system. It has tools and resources designed from the ground up by experienced marketers and leaders, for exclusive use by Crypster Affiliates.

CrypClix provides you with a simple turnkey system that does most of the hard work for you. All you have to do is get your prospects to visit your CrypClix capture page(s) (we’ll also show you how to do that) and let the site do the presenting and conversion for you.

It’s just like having the best presenters and closers on tap 24/7.

NOTE: You are reviewing a CrypClix website right now!

Attraction Marketing

CrypClix is a unique Funnel Marketing System designed by experienced marketers and approved by Crypster for use by savvy marketers.

Marketing Automation

Automate most of the attraction, qualification and education processes so you can convert leads and prospects into  customers and affiliates faster than ever.

100% Duplicatable

You get a duplicate of the site you are viewing right now (and more) merged with YOUR information. It presents as if you built the site yourself.

Custom Capture Pages

High-converting capture (landing) pages to attract and inspire your visitors to learn more. An online form emails your visitor’s details to you so you can contact them whenever you please.

Sales Presentation Page

Visitors receive a full presentation, better than meeting with you in person. A “Call-to-Action” asks them to register for free, join you in the business, learn more or to contact you.

Professionally Written Content

Page content is written by experts with decades of online and offline marketing experience. It is presented professionally every single time by team leaders so all you have to do is get people to watch it.

Done for You Followups

Your prospect is automatically sent an automated sequence of emails to encourage them to return to your site and join you in the business

Manage Leads Online

Visitor details are shown in a secure online list. They can unsubscribe at any time or you can delete them or email them directly from your list.

Total Connectivity

Integrates with ALL your Crypster info. Provides links to ALL your business information so your prospect only needs ONE source of information.

Full Compliance

Fully compliant with Crypster policies. You don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing.

Get More Free Time

Earn more income with less effort. CrypClix helps you make money faster and gives you more time to do things you enjoy.

Sharing is Easy

Share it with your friends, family & workmates (hot and warm prospects) and even people you do not know (cold leads) and watch your business explode!

CrypClix Affiliate Program

Join for FREE and earn 10% commission on up to 6 levels of Customer and Team Purchases.

Choose a CrypClix option (monthly or yearly) or become a fully fledged SupaClix Affiliate (see back office)

When 10 of your Crypster team are using a CrypClix paid subscription, then your subscription is FREE! AND, if you get more than 10, you are earning an additional stream of passive income that can be spent on yourself or your family. OR you can purchase more tools and marketing to grow your business even more!

Only AUD $300/yr (or $30/mth)

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